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Presenting with 3d of any new product is added advantages to marketing

3D Modeling

In computer graphics, making a 3D model involves moving points, lines, and polygons around in a virtual 3D space to make a

mathematical representation of the surface of the object.

“3D modeling services” refers to using special software and steps to make three-dimensional models of things, scenes, or characters.
The services could be used in many fields, like building, manufacturing, entertainment, and more. Some standard 3D modeling services include:
 Architectural modeling:
Creating 3D models of buildings, interiors, and landscapes to help architects and designers visualize their projects.
 Product Design Modeling:
Creating 3D models of products for prototyping, testing, and manufacturing.
 Animation and VFX modeling:
Creating 3D models of characters, objects, and environments for use in animated films, TV shows, and video games.
These services can be provided by freelance 3D modelers, 3D design studios, or 3D printing companies. They often use software such as AutoCAD, Blender, 3ds Max, or SolidWorks to create their models.


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