Are you an e-commerce business owner? Image manipulation services such as photo editing, cropping, resizing, and aligning is quite essential for your business. When taking product photographs in a studio, the image may not function optimally. Sometimes images need to adjust the position, zoom in or out, remove distracting objects and elements, and straighten curving lines.

Image cropping and editing change the appearance of product shots and provide eCommerce images that are appealing to customers. You can improve your business by getting the help of a photo editing and resizing service.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, resizing an image is one of the most frequently utilized abilities. This is a complete guide to photo resizing. You can learn how to resize an image in Photoshop, including all the necessary steps.

The definition of photo resize

Generally, all images can not fulfill your demand and all image does not satisfy you. So, photo editing can help you get your desired image for your online platform. Image resizing is one of the parts of photo editing.

A flawless product image with the proper width, height, and resolution allows for effortless use and attracts the attention of the visitors. When an unshaped or unsized image is turned into a proper shape by different kinds of software, you can define it as photo resizing.

It generates images that are compatible with devices and internet markets. Image resizing in Photoshop is used to obtain the ideal image proportions.

Difference between image resizing and cropping

Image Resizing


Image resizing is the process of making an image larger or smaller than its original size. Resizing alters the image’s dimensions, which typically has an impact on the file size. There are several reasons to resize photographs, but the most frequent one is to make large files smaller so they may be shared online or via email.

Images can be resized in two ways: to make them smaller or larger. Simply discard pixels while resizing photos. When you make the image larger, you have to add pixels. As a result, the image will lose its quality. Excessive magnification will produce images with a blocky or fuzzy aspect.

Digital images contain light levels, hues, and certain positions. In reducing the image size, the picture needs to decrease the pixel size too. It is called image compression. On the other hand, When you enlarge an image, each pixel becomes larger and larger until individual pixels appear as small boxes.

Image Cropping


In most image editors, the cropping tool is represented by a reversed square icon. To crop the frame, just position the cropping tool on the portion of the image where you want the crop to begin and drag it to encompass the area you wish to retain.

The most common aspect ratios for cropping in many editors are 4:3 and 16:9, which are variations of the image’s original 3:2 ratio. The most important thing to keep in mind before cropping a digital photograph is that the pixels you remove cannot be recovered. Before cropping, it’s crucial to remember that a digital image cannot restore a lost pixel. So, you should keep a backup of the original copy.

The Benefits of Image Resizing Services

  1. Enhance the quality of beauty: Resizing photos helps to highlight the image’s primary subject by eliminating any unnecessary elements. It helps to focus on the main reference.
  2. Improve Quality: Image resizing removes the unexpected parts of any image. It discards the extra pixels, which make the image smoother and sharper.
  3. Branding: Online business owners use various images on their online platforms. It increases the image’s appeal to visitors. It assists in boosting your sales.
  4. Decrease the resolution: Images with high resolution can slow down your website. Image resizing can reduce the resolution of any image. It helps to make the website faster by decreasing the image resolution.

Who needs support for image resizing?

Image resizing is highly needed from the first product photographers to the e-Commerce merchants. However, the people who need a photo resizer and a cut-off are listed here:

  • E-commerce experts
  • Online marketers
  • Professional product photographer
  • Amazon affiliate marketers
  • Online magazine editors
  • Fashion photographers
  • Online real estate sellers

Cropping, resizing, or removing some warped components of a photograph requires much more than simple editing tools. Product photos are typically supplied in large quantities. It needs to be resized, but resizing them costs a lot of money. To display their inventory, online shops require many photos.

It is hard to grab a visitor’s attention without edited and cropped images.

Therefore, it is imperative that you increase your sales.

The Importance of Image Resizing and Optimization

A lot more than simple editing tools are required to crop, resize, or remove any warped portions of a photograph. An image can be aberrated by light, movement, camera tremors, altered skin textures, etc. frequently when we attempt to edit or resize the image. When you are uploading several numbers of images on your side, it makes your side slow when it is loading. As a result, visitors feel bored when visiting your website. They lost their interest, and it rapidly decreases your sales. To save time, it is generally best to resize and optimize them. Online enterprises and eCommerce stores have a continuous demand for image resizing and optimization due to the regular catalog modifications.

How to reduce the size of a picture without stretching it


It’s vital to preserve the width-to-height ratio while scaling your image. It is known as the aspect ratio, and it prevents the image from becoming stretched or warped.

You will need a photo editor to resize your image. You may use Snagit Editor for most basic editing like cropping and resizing an image. Open your selected image in this software. Then select “image” on the top menu bar, then select “resize the image.”


Before you change the proportions, take note of the lock symbol to the left of the height and breadth.

This editor maintains the image’s original proportions when the lock is triggered. You may now stretch or warp your image to the necessary dimensions by adjusting its height or width.

What is the best way to resize an image without losing quality?

Scaling down an image and resizing it to make it wider are very different things. Most of the time, reducing an image’s size or dimensions has no effect on its quality.


If you need to increase the image size, you have to select a high-resolution image. Then simply trim or reduce the size of your photograph to maintain the quality. You have to remind that it is important for JPEGs, GIFs, or TIFFs image formats.

On the other hand, some vector files like EPS or SVG can be resized, whether it is larger or smaller. It maintains the actual quality of an image.

Improve your screenshots and images

By learning to resize the images properly, you can make the images sharper. It helps to increase the value of your products.

When resizing photos, keep the following in mind:

  • You have to use photo editing software to resize your image.
  • Before making edits, lock the aspect ratio to prevent photos from being stretched or distorted.
  • You have to use high-resolution images.

Services for Resizing Photoshop Images

  1. Resizing a photo using a sample: Changing the picture resolution to resize an image is one of our basic image editing services. In order to create the perfect image for use in professional settings, experts use a variety of Photoshop techniques.

2. Resize the thumbnail image: A thumbnail image is important for your business marketing. You can make a perfect thumbnail by photo resizing any large-sized image. If you want to have a perfect thumbnail, you have to contact an expert like OverNight Graphics.

3. Image scaling: Image scaling reduces the size of huge photographs and creates a suitable product image for use on various e-commerce marketplaces.

4. Image Magnify: For your business, sometimes you may be interested in a billboard, bigger posters, etc. according to your your marketing policy. Then you have to think about the image magnifying service. In order to create double image sizes, you should find an expert. Image magnifying can play a vital role in your offline marketing also.

Final Thought

Learning how to resize a picture in Photoshop will help you reduce page size and enhance the speed of your website. Once you have a basic grasp, you may experiment with various resampling and compression settings to further enhance your photographs.

For an online business, photo editing plays a vital role. Photo resizing reduces your image resolution, which makes your website faster. In this article, I think now you can understand the importance of photo resizing and the photo editing sector. You should select experts to resize your image for your business. OverNight graphics is surely the best choice for you.