Jewelry is one of the most valuable commodities used by humans, particularly women, as a form of ornamentation. They are fond of various Various Colors of Jewelry to purchase.

People used to buy jewelry by going to every jewelry store before. Even individuals are still depending on physical visits to purchase jewelry to a great extent. The vast majority of people are searching to buy jewelry online from various e-commerce sites.

To advertise on e-commerce sites, product owners want to Apply Various Colors to Jewelry Photos to their online platform. They don’t upload these product images to the internet without being edited, as optimized photos are essential for getting things sold on e-commerce sites.

Displaying product designs alone is insufficient. The illumination of the gem, the shine of the gold or silver setting, and the dazzling surface of the pearls must attract customers’ attention.

While capturing the photographs, sometimes professional photographers cannot focus on all these details.

The product owners approach photo manipulators to improve the quality of these photographs. They attract clients’ attention and sell their products based on the beauty of the jewelry photographs. Furthermore, jewelry photography is employed in fashion magazines and billboard commercials, which necessitates the retouching of jewelry images.

The Importance of Applying Colors to Jewelry Photos in Photoshop

If you want to make your e-commerce jewelry products stand out from the crowd and wow your online customers, jewelry image editing is the only way to go. Because clients cannot touch things online, the quality of the images must be excellent in order to win their hearts. In general, jewelry components such as gems, pearls, stones, and so on are very important in selling jewelry products.

When a man decides to buy a necklace, ring, or bracelet for his mother, wife, or sister, he considers whether the decorations will suit each of them and how nice they will look while wearing such jewelry.

Customers prefer dazzling, vibrant, and beautiful product photos to drab, blurry, and distracting images. As a result, the significance of jewelry photo retouching cannot be overstated.

Using Beautiful Imagery to Create Emotions

You must need the help of jewelry photo editing and retouching service to get professional quality jewelry images. It helps online jewelers create a “wow” effect in every capture. It substantially improves the shopping experience for customers.

Several studies have demonstrated that the majority of purchases are emotional. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that they are all about addressing material requirements.

Jewelry photography requires a specific set of tools and props

  1. Camera: A high-priced camera is something that every shutterbug fantasizes about before shooting jewelry. Having a high-end camera does not guarantee the best jewelry photography. In truth, professional photo shooting expertise and experience are far more important than a high-end camera. So, it is very important to have proper knowledge and experience with cameras to get a better image.
  2. Lens: The best lens for jewelry imaging is a macro lens. This particular lens allows you to take close-up images for macro photo output. Macro photography is essential for capturing the attention of online buyers.
  3. Lighting: In jewelry photography, lighting is really important. To take a great jewelry photo, choose a location with appropriate lighting so that the image does not become dark.
  4. Jewelry Stand: A jewelry stand can be used as an accessory to provide the most exquisite appearance of the decorations. This also enables the photographer to capture the image from many perspectives. This holder holds the jewelry in place while also displaying the product’s main features.
  5. Tripod: A three-legged stand for holding a camera in a specific position. This enables improved camera handling because tripods allow for steadier photography. Furthermore, you may modify the camera by rotating it in different directions. This will assist you in focusing properly.
  6. Other equipment required: Aside from these essential tools, there are a few accessories that will help you a lot with the finer points of jewelry photography. To get a high-quality jewelry image, you should also use a table, mirror, clamp, and acrylic tile in your studio.

Basic Step To Apply Colors To Jewelry Photos

A step-by-step learning guide describes

Step 1: Using a white background as a backdrop


The white backdrop is popular in this industry. The secret of the online seller is to maintain a white background. The subject is brought forward by a piece of jewelry set on a white background. It helps the buyer concentrate on the product.

It is critical to note that each element of the jewelry must have its own pathways and layers.  Each pathway will modify separately. Aside-stone, or the main stone layer, cannot have parameters that apply to the metal layer.


Create The Path

[image-3] to [image-4]

Notice how the ring shows out against the white background, bringing it to life. It demonstrates how a photo with a white backdrop attracts the attention of shoppers.

We use the Pen Tool in Photoshop with a feather radius of 1–1.5 pixels to get an accurate close-up clip of the ring and jewels.

Create a Path in Photoshop


The path created for all elements


For each different path, separate layers are created.


Step 2: Photo Editing for Jewelry of Metal

  • Dust Removing

Dust removal is the most important aspect of jewelry photography. Regardless of how hard you try to keep your jewelry clean, there may be some filth that is not visible to the human eye. Because of this dust, you can not get a good quality image in your photography.

So, it is quite important to remove the dust from your jewelry photos. The quickest and easiest methods for eliminating dust and fingerprints are as follows:

Removing dust with a spot healing brush tool

[image-8] Note-Take SC for spot healing brush tool on the same image.

The Spot Healing Brush examines the shapes outside of the brushwork, evaluates them, and incorporates them, along with colors and values, into the retouching.

This tool works best for random dust spots on bigger surface areas; however, it won’t function as effectively if the dust is near the edges.

Use the patch tool.

[image-9]  note-take SC on the patch tool with the same image

It replaces another source for a selected area. The tool is a shortcut to the healing brush, but it requires a good surface to reproduce from once again.

Use the Healing Brush tool.

 [image-10] Note-Take SC on the healing tool with the same image

The Healing Brush matches the color and value automatically, so all the user has to do is choose a texture and Photoshop will take care of the rest. This tool is great for removing fingerprints and dust particles from the edges of documents. The Healing Brush tool has the advantage of preserving the foundation colors and gradients. It eliminates dust with a soft transition into the base image.

  • Cleaning up poor reflections

Photographing a ring or other piece of jewelry is akin to photographing a mirror. Time to take a colored photo. Image retouching is absolutely necessary. It is challenging to take photographs of diamonds because it induces an undesirable blur due to reflections. These flaws will be resolved by our touch-up process, allowing you to show off the best of your jewelry to your target customers.

The most prevalent types of faulty reflections we see are on the back shanks, metals, and primary stones. To begin with, the best way to solve this is to acquire photographs with no unwanted reflections. Take a superior original photo that is free of reflections.

  • Color Correction

To attract the crab of the visitors to your online platform, photo retouching is most important. Color correction is among the most essential aspects of jewelry retouching.

Cleaning up unwanted reflections and color correction are two key techniques to improve the quality of photos. You can see the image here. Many jewelers are concerned that their 18K white gold pieces appear to be platinum or silver in appearance.

To tweak the brightness, you have a few options.

[Image-11] to [image-12]

Step 3: Photo Retouching for Jewelry: Gemstones and Diamonds

The Diamond Layer In Photoshop


Photographing diamonds and gemstones is a difficult feature of jewelry photography. It often necessitates the help of a skilled retoucher to rectify a variety of faults based on the stone’s cut and type.

For example, intense white light on flat surfaces and improper light placement on facetted stones can generate glare. Our touch-up procedure is meant to erase these defects and reveal the stone’s natural color, clarity, and shape.

You can retouch the photo with the help of these tools :

  1. Brightness and contrast: This will allow you to tweak the stone’s brightness, and contrast will bring out the desired hue.
  2. Levels: This will help you to bring out the stone’s shadows and highlights.
  3. Hue and Saturation: Select the colors that you wish to remove or retain.
  4. Mask of Unsharpness: In diamond retouching, it is one of the most important tools.

Step 4:Creating a natural shadow, using the ring’s position as a guide.



Creating a natural shadow depending on the ring’s position will make the jewelry appear authentic and natural. It will also improve your sales. It gives the topic more dimension and makes the ring stand out. Natural shadow entices customers and keeps their attention in the area where you want it to be.

Seeing this process, you can understand how it enhances the ring image by depicting its exact beauty and value!

[image-16] to [Image-17]


For flawless photographs, jewelry retouching services are a necessity. It is possible to attract a large audience by removing the background, model, and any other unnecessary elements.

Applying various colors of jewelry photos in photoshop will help you save your cost and it increases your sales to show the gorgeous photographs of ornaments.

With our professional jewelry photo retouching services, your jewelry products will stand out on websites, billboards, magazines, and printed brochures. OverNight Graphics may help you attain the immaculate, expert appearance of international jewelry brands in record time and for a very reasonable price.