Changing the color of clothes in Photoshop seems to be a difficult operation due to the clothing’s unevenness. To get a decent outcome while altering the color of your clothes, you must consider the various shadows and tones that occur from their wrinkles. Fortunately, if you follow the appropriate methods, you can accomplish all of this rather quickly.

The method you use to adjust the color will be determined by the color of the clothes and how they appear in the image. Not being an actual color, black and white are the most difficult to modify. There are no colors to adjust in this case.

Consequently, the procedure used will differ based on the starting hue of the clothing. This lesson will teach you how to alter colorful, white, and black clothes effortlessly!

The Fundamentals of Color Modification in Photoshop

The ability to realistically change the color of something in Photoshop is a must, especially when working with photographs of apparel, fashion, or items. Fortunately, the tools and techniques required to work with color are simple to learn and master.

You’ll be able to modify the color of anything in a matter of minutes by using simple selections, layer masks, and hue and saturation adjustment layers.

Services for color correction and editing in Photoshop

Color Correction and Color Editing is a popular and necessary Photoshop-based photo editing service. This image editing strategy is used to improve, enhance, edit, or modify the image’s color or exposure. Color correction and color editing are commonly used in model photography, e-commerce product or fashion photography, natural photography, and other types of photography.

  • Model and Fashion Photographic Editing Colors (Color Replace)


Color combinations in fashion and model photography must be perfected in order to create an amazing photo. We adjust the image colors to match the actual skin, clothing, background, and ambiance. Through the color correction approach, images that have lost their appeal owing to improper color can be retouched with a color match.

  • Editing Colors in Fashion Products (Change Color)


Color editing is one of the major trends for fashion products because different buyers prefer different colors for the same product. Frequently, product photos will have mismatched colors that will need to be corrected. Our image photo retouchers are always prepared to use color correction techniques as needed.

  • Color Correction and Photo Exposure


Underexposure or overexposure of a photograph is a common occurrence in photography. However, when photographing, it is critical for the camera to capture the precise amount of light, color, and other ambient elements. Color correction is a viable option for making photos more visually attractive.

  • Colorization of Black and White Photographs


Colorizing a black-and-white photograph changes its appearance and improves its aesthetic. Color has the charm to draw people’s attention, and with color correction, old black-and-white photos can be made to look more interesting, giving them a striking look.

During photography, the natural color of a product may be changed because of lighting, perspective, the environment, and how the camera is set. Later, by using different Photoshop Color Correction techniques and filters, the natural color can be kept or gotten back.

Most of the time, though, you need to change the white balance, gray balance, color strength, and color vibrancy. In the case of color correction, the color can be changed on purpose to make the product more appealing, depending on what the customer wants.

Here are some methods to change the color of clothes with proper guidelines

 Method 01: Use the “Replace Color” tool in Photoshop to change the color of a shirt


Step 01: Open the picture of the shirt to unlock the layer

To begin the process of changing the color of a T-shirt image, open the image in Photoshop.


You have to double-click to unlock the layer.

Step 02: Select The Replace Tool

At this point, select the Replace Color tool from the Image Adjustments menu at the top of the screen. This is where you’ll locate the option.

[Image – 7]

This selection will help you adjust the color of your clothing in Photoshop. You will receive a t-shirt in black and white after selecting that option.

Step-03: Fuzziness can be adjusted

We’re indicating to Photoshop where the color will be applied at this stage by altering the fuzziness.


Then change the shirt color to change the fizziness value. The rest of the area needs to be black. The change will be set in the white area.

Step 04: Set the Color You Expect


Now you must choose the color of the t-shirt that you want. Select your desired color by clicking on the result option below.

Step 05: Use curves to make adjustments


The shortcut “CTRL + M” should be used to make the color more realistic. Now you have to drag the curve to adjust the t-shirt color.

Then click OK to get the final output.


Using the color replace tool in Photoshop, you can change the color of your shirt in this fashion.

Method 2: Changing the color of anything


Step 01: layer should be copied

This method can be applied to any object.

Firstly, you have to open the image and then press “CTRL + J” to start.


A copy layer is produced from the original layer, and you have to disable the first layer.

Step 2: You have to select the Lasso Tool

You have the choice of using the lasso tool or the magnetic lasso tool. The magnetic lasso tool facilitates the selection procedure. To make a selection, drag your mouse around the object.


Step 3: Mask The Selection

            Now, click on the mask icon below to create a mask for the selection.


Following that, we’ll make color modifications using hue and saturation.

Choose hue and saturation from the Image Adjustment menu at the top.    


Step 04: Change the saturation and hue of the image

This is the last step to take. You’ll need to adjust the saturation and color. In Photoshop, you may also modify the color of a shirt or anything else by adjusting the luminance.


The color of the cap has changed. Now you have to save the file in PNG or JPG format.

Method 3: How to Change the Color of a White Shirt in Photoshoph


Step 1: Click on the photo

            You have to open the white t-shirt image, and then press “CTRL + J.”


Place the original background layer at the bottom of the document and conceal it. Click on the eye to hide the layer.

Step 2: Choose a shirt from a color range

We’ll utilize the tool to select a white shirt because the color range option makes the selection dependent on color. You must make the shirt region white while keeping the background dark.


Step 3: You have to create a mask

We must make a mask for the selection after making a selection through the color range. It provides the chance to narrow down the selection. To convert the selection to picture masking, click on the mask opinion.


To study the shirt in black and white, hold down CTRL and click on the mask. Select a brush and paint over the image as needed. Take a peek at this page.


Step 4: Inverting the selection

To return to the usual view, use CTRL + Click on the mask. After that, go to the layer attributes and select Invert.


Then, create a solid color layer and select the color you wish to apply to your white t-shirt. To access the layer section, go to the bottom of the page and click on the layer section. In Photoshop, you can easily change the color of a shirt.


To apply the color to your shirt, press OK. Change the layer mode to multiply from the top to improve the appearance of your shirt.


So, that was how to change the color of a shirt in Photoshop. This procedure can be used on white shirts as well as other colors.

Method 04: Using Photoshop to Change the Color of Clothingh


Step 1: Open the cloth image and duplicate the Background Layer


In Photoshop, open your clothing item image and right-click on the background layer. You must select the copy layer option from the layer customizing option.

Step 2: Modify the Color Range


After selecting the tool, choose the sampled color from the menu at the top. Then, you must modify the level of fuzziness. Select the dress by clicking the dropdown symbol.

Place the white section where you want to make color changes. Reduce the fuzziness and ensure that the background sections are dark.


Step 3: Adjusting Hue and Saturation


The hue and saturation options will be enabled at this phase. One of the simplest ways to change shirt color in Photoshop is to change hue and saturation. That option can be found in the adjustment section.

To add a new color to your shirt, jeans, dress, or other clothing items, adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness.


When you’ve achieved the desired hue, press OK. With a few clicks after saving the image, you can alter the color again.

Method 5: Using Photoshop To Change The Color Of Clothes


Step 1: Open the photo file to change the colors of the clothes

This step is the easiest changing the colors of clothes.

[image- 33]

It would use a non-destructive approach to change the color of clothes. As a result, make a copy of the backdrop and begin altering the copied layer.

Step 2: Adjust Apply Hue and Saturation for Shirt Color

Select hue and saturation from the Adjustment menu


We’re going to learn a new approach to using this option in this method.

Step 3: Select A Color

In the hue and saturation boxes, there’s a master option. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a page with several color palettes. Choose the color of your shirt from the drop-down menu.


Change the hue, saturation, and brightness values. You will be able to examine your clothing in several colors. When you’ve found the ideal look for the clothing item, click “OK.”

Step 4: Adjustment Of The Curve

You may now bring in the curves from the top bar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + M.”


To make the color look more realistic, drag the line below. Here’s how the shirt turned out in the end.



We are just finishing up the article. Here we get a clear concept of Color Correction methods. We also have learned different techniques to change the clothing color for your online business.

At present, you can apply the techniques to your e-commerce products as well as to your shirts and other dresses.

It will assist you in attracting customers to your online products. It also shortens the photoshop session and saves money. No need to capture more photos in different colors.

After all, if you are searching for the best color collection service in your area, then you can find OverNight Graphics. It will assist you with your online business at any time.