Before I explore how to photograph clothes without a mannequin, I must emphasize that models or mannequins are the best choices for apparel photography.

It can take a long time to find the right model for a photo shoot and to schedule the shoot. The mannequin can be used as an instance of a model. However, it will detract from the impact of your product presentation and may not result in cost savings. So, figuring out how to photograph clothes without a mannequin will take some time.

However, if you’re a small e-commerce business with a limited budget, all of these product photography techniques will be too expensive for you. So, like the ghost mannequin, you’ll have to stick to low-cost clothes photography.

This is the ultimate product photography technique for photographing clothes without using a mannequin. The best part about using a ghost mannequin service is that you can complete your clothing photography from the comfort of your own home. In this article, it will be discussed how to take a product’s photo without using a model or mannequin.

What is the best way to photograph clothing?

 The success of an e-commerce store depends on its visual marketing and product sales.

This means that if your product has an appealing and desirable aesthetic presentation, your sales will improve; otherwise, they will decrease, dragging you down with them.

So, you have to produce high-quality, full-color, clear, and attractive photos of your products to attract clients.

There are two major types of ways to take photos. Flat Lay or tabletop clothing photography is the first technique. The second phenomenon is known as the “Ghost Mannequin Effect.” We can combine these two strategies to create a product that sells itself.

Taking photographs on a tabletop or in a flat lay

Basically, you can put your products on a flat surface or table. This strategy has gained popularity among some businesses and stores. Because this makes the style versatile, the product photography setup is simple, and more photos may be taken quickly.

A camera and lighting are aimed towards the clothes in a traditional flat lay clothing photography setup. The delicate boxes, diffusers, and lamps are all on the same camera side. Clothing is covered with a hanger or a stick, and equipment is assembled.

With this product photography setup, you can conduct clothing photography at home and give it numerous styles.

The Conventional Flat Lay Process

Any company or retailer wants to increase productivity while reducing product photography setup time.

They want the best-styled shots at the most affordable prices for product photography. You can do this at home with tabletop photography.

Traditional flat clothing photography is achievable with a camera set parallel to the ground, lights, and a selection of diffusers and delicate boxes.

Simply place your clothing on a table and secure it using tape and clasps. This aids in creating a pleasing shape and outline for the item. To appear natural, the product usually tucks around the base of its arm and uses tissue paper.

Taking Photos Without A Mannequin

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin: A Step-By-Step Guide (Flat Lay Photography)

Step 1: Initial Planning And Preparation

 First of all, you must make proper planning. If you don’t have a pre-planned look, then your photography won’t look appealing. You should carefully consider how you wish to embellish your apparel. If there are any wrinkles in the fabric, you must iron the product before proceeding.

Additionally, there may be a tag that you do not like to reveal. In this situation, you can conceal it using tape. Additionally, you can define the shape using pins and clips. Have you examined each of these? You are ready to go to the next level.

Step 2: Choose a clear background

Choose a background devoid of blemishes; typically, people would use a white background because it is the standard color for product photographs.

Alternatively, you can use a pastel base if you need to photograph clothes without a mannequin. As a result, you can play around with the shading between your foundation and your garments.

Step 3: You have to prepare your Photography equipment

In the second step, you must be conscious of your photography equipment. You should not just depend on your camera. You must also arrange some basic equipment such as a tripod, light source, backdrop, boxes, and other relevant materials.

A vital aspect to remember here is that you should not keep objects in the frame that could confuse the viewers.

Step 4: Prepare your clothing items for photography

This is the stage that can ultimately determine quality. You must ensure that the thing being photographed is free of any defects or stains.

If the folded sleeve looks more appealing, you can keep it that way. You can also lay the article of clothing flat in any form you like. In that scenario, you might use clear tape to retain your desired shape.

Step 5: Design a Photography Studio

The fourth step entails double-checking that the photography studio is correctly set up. You can begin by creating a background. If you planned to use the floor, You should clean up it. You have to pay attention to interior design. The most important thing is that you have to be serious about your lighting setup.

Step 6: Assess Your Camera’s Options

You have to recheck your camera settings. You need to first set the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity to get a better image of your clothes without a mannequin.

Step 7: Photographs Without a Mannequin

This is the last phase of the process. You must position your camera on a tripod and the clothing item on the floor or table. Put your light source somewhere that appears neutral. The photo should show the true color of your clothing.

If the color of artificial light is unsuitable for a dress, pull it closer to a window and photograph it with natural light. There’s no need to keep any extraneous items in the frame.

How Do You Photograph Clothes At Home?

If you have the correct equipment and the right skills, you can shoot professional clothing photos at home. What kind of equipment would you require? Here’s the rundown.

  • Light
  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • Clear Background

After getting all the equipment you need for photography, place your clothing item in the background to start. If the surface color looks adequate, you can keep your clothing items on the floor or a table. You’ll need to get your camera and lighting ready.

You may struggle to set lights as a novice appropriately. Remember that you should keep your light source at a reasonable distance from you and try to reduce undesirable shadows by shifting light angles.

Then, you can photograph clothes at home instead of using a mannequin. After you’ve taken your photos, you’ll need to conduct some post-production work. As a result, your clothing photography will be ready to upload to the internet.

What Is The Best Way To Photograph Clothes On A Hanger?

Using a hanger for clothing photos is a common practice. The benefit of employing a hanger is that you don’t have to spend money on pricey mannequins. By following three simple procedures, you may photograph clothes on a hanger.

Step 1: Place the clothes on a hanger

First and foremost, hang your clothes on a hanger and secure them to the wall with a rope or pin. It’s important to keep your clothes in good shape. If you have any wrinkles, smooth them out before the photo shoot.

Step 2: Take Photographs

The second step is to install light sources on the right and left sides. If you only have one light, position it so that it doesn’t create too many shadows.

Step 3: To Complete Post-Production Work

You won’t be able to achieve a catchy look for your clothing item unless you conduct post-production work. The ghost mannequin service is the greatest photo editing option for clothing photography.

FAQs About How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin

  1. What Can I Do If I Don’t Have Any Models?

Ans. To capture images without models, you can use a hanger or the flat lay photography approach.

  1. How Can I Take Photos On The Floor?

Ans. You must keep the clothes on the floor in good condition. After that, mount your camera on a tripod and photograph the garments on the floor.

  1. How Do You Photograph Hanging Clothes?

Ans. You should hang your clothes on a hanger and fold the sleeves. Then photograph the material against a solid-coloured background.

  1. How Do You Photograph Hoodies Well?

Ans. The best way to depict hoodies will be to use the ghost mannequin technique.


Flat lay photography is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to photograph apparel. Customers are frequently hesitant to purchase things because they are unable to visualize how the products will look on them.

As a result, the images must be clear and appealing. As a result, this type of photography is ideal for anyone who is just starting out in business and has a limited budget. So this is exactly what photography artists require when photographing a product such as a T-shirt or other apparel item.