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Our dedicated team of experts provides you with professional clipping path service at the most affordable prices. We assure quality and on-time delivery to help E-commerce businesses, professional photographers, and online businesses.

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Low-Cost Image Clipping Services for Your Business

If you have your own venture online, grabbing attention to every single product becomes the main task. Especially for ecommerce businesses, every product image needs to be highlighted perfectly to compete with hundreds of platforms out there.

That’s the main reason why background removal or transparent images are highly demanding among busy photographers or online retailers.

But clumsy clipping or delayed deliveries often cause serious issues for professionals like you! Don’t worry! We are here to offer you pixel-perfect photo editing services with on-time delivery guarantee.

Why Us
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What Makes Us A Leading Clipping Path Service Provider?

OverNightGraphics has become a trusted clipping path service provider to eCommerce business owners worldwide.

Businesses trust us not only for quality clipping but also for complex paths around product images. With over 130 in-house experts, we offer you a hassle-free experience of photo editing.

Best Image Clipping

We deliver the best quality clipping path service for small businesses as well as any established brand.

Affordable Price

We are supportive to your eCommerce or photographic business with the most affordable price for clipping paths in the USA.

Fast Turnaround

Our 24/7 operation helps you to get your image clipping anytime you need them. Just upload and get professional editing.

Customer Support

During the image editing process, we support you from start to end. Just let us know your problems or queries.

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Check Out Our Amazing Works Satisfying Hundreds of Clients

Basic Clipping Path
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Complex Clipping Path

eCommerce Clipping
Image Clipping Path Service for Ecommerce
Ecommerce is all about showing off every little detail of many different products. For pixel-perfect image editing, every company, whether small or large, depends on expert clipping path services like ours. Frequently, customers wish to erase the background or unwanted shadows from the raw product images. Using Adobe Photoshop, our professional graphic designers clip the photo’s borders to produce a stunning look.

Yet wondering what makes clipping path services so demanding? It includes photo editing services like photo retouching, color corrections, background removal or white background, clipping complex path around product images using the Photoshop pen tool, and other graphic processes. And that brings the magic to the product images to increase sales on a massive scale.

We help you get maximum conversions from amazed customers on your site. And that too for the most budget-friendly clipping path deals!

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Why OverNight Graphics is the Best Clipping Service Provider

There’s a long track of hard work and professionalism behind our decades of goodwill. Let’s get introduced to OverNight Graphics’ work ethics: 

Quality Matters, Always

The best clipping service providers always stick to high standards. Likewise, our image clipping and background removal services are known for 

  • clean cutouts
  • attention to detail, and 
  • consistent results

Stick to Deadlines

Team OverNight Graphics sticks to the deadline without compromising on quality. We understand how keeping up with the timeframe is super essential for your business. And our retained clients love this commitment to deliver.

Understanding What You Need

We have a professional team for uninterrupted customer service. Understanding your specific requirements and relaying them to the designers is their speciality. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything urgent to solve. We are available to help you any day, anytime. 

Competitive Pricing

You don’t have to run the race between quality and money with us. Our clipping path pricing structures are transparent and reasonable. 

Skilled and Sharp Team

Our core strength is a strong team of design professionals. Overnight Graphics arranges regular knowledge-sharing sessions for skill enhancement. So, our team always stays ahead in the design field.   

Range of Services

We offer every service related to the Image Editing Industry. You get access to color correction, photo retouching, ghost mannequins, and every other editing service with us.  

Satisfied Clients

We have an 85% client retention rate for Image editing services. This retention has only happened as we focus on client satisfaction. Overnight Graphics will continue to meet your requirements in the upcoming future. 

Security and Confidentiality

You never have to worry about keeping your business images secured. We strictly maintain the non-disclosure policy for all of our clients.

360° Clipping Path Service Provider

We recognize the diversity of your clipping path needs!
We have divided our image clipping service into 4 categories based on editing difficulties.

Simple Clipping Path Service

A simple clipping path is applied to images with small holes and curves, such as a camera, watch, shoes, chair, table, t-shirt, and others.

These items have more anchor points and curves than simple ones. Our service creates a transparent background and clean vector path.

Our skilled designers need very little time to finish simple clipping path jobs.


Multiple Clipping Path Service

This photo clipping service uses more curves, which takes longer to complete. An image may have several products, or a frame may need multiple layers with paths.

The majority of the product photos have complicated edges and curves. As some photographs need many lines, this form of path is called a multi-clipping path.

Our in-house designers provide faster multiple clipping services. We treat images with care, particularly if they have a green background.

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex paths are used on things with complicated shapes and designs. A complex clipping involves editing a product image with more than 10 and many closed paths.

In this kind of photo editing, we have paths around objects like necklaces, chains, nets, furry dolls, chandeliers, trees, and buildings.

We appreciate this service's challenge, believe me. We know how essential a complex image clipping path is for e-commerce business.


Super Complex Clipping Path

As it's the most challenging category, images in this category contain incredibly sophisticated edges and curves. In this photo clipping method, experts build pathways in numerous layers for just a single item.

To finely capture each single part of a very difficult item, our professionals dedicate additional time to the technique.

We uses quick selection, pen tools, canal masking, and other Photoshop functionality to clip pictures like machinery and jewelry.

Special Discount for Bulk Image Clipping Path Order!

If you are a busy photographer or online brand with lots of product images, we have got you covered! Just upload your images and get quality clipping delivered on time!
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Overnight Graphics – Your
Clipping Path Service Provider

Our clipping path services were used by Amazon sellers, photographers, and small to big brands.
We guarantee the highest quality image editing services for your brand. Your only job is to upload your photographs and instruct us of your guidelines. Your photos will be created according to your expectations.




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Frequently Asked Questions

We face many common questions regarding this topic. In this section, you will get answers to some of the questions.

Is your clipping path service ideal for small businesses?

Of course, it is!

OverNightGraphics is known for its brand value which is highly recognized among big and small businesses simultaneously. The reason behind this is our pricing policy and quality assurance.

Our designers handle terrifically complex bulk edits within the minimum possible time with the lowest price possible!

And for your kind information, we have a special discount offer for bulk clipping edits. So hurry up and upload your product photo with the details of your requirements.

How can I test your clipping path services?

We understand an online company like you needs to assess the quality before building a professional partnership.

You can easily ask for a free trial of the clipping service and then decide whether to go forward or not! Once you get to know our world-class image editing service, the partnership is forever!

You can easily find dedicated buttons for a free trial on our website. Do not hesitate if it is a background removal request or a vector path.

Do you provide fast delivery for clipping service?

Yes, we do.

Whether your brand needs white backgrounds, photo retouching, image masking, or anything else, we provide the fastest delivery in the market. Within 152360 working hours, we have successfully completed 11550 projects for our clients.

We do the lengthy job of path editing and save your valued time to focus on your business.

How can I get quotes for the clipping path service?

We have a Get Quote button on each of our webpage upper folds. You can simply fill up the required pieces of information for the clipping path order. Your information is sorted out and filed separately.

When we get to know your service requirements- complexities, order size, and deadline- our experts will send you a customized quote. You'll get to know the pricing policy and the deadline for your project.

How is ONG better than other clipping companies?

We are a dedicated organization of expert designers. Besides assuring on-time delivery and quality, we are known for our transparency and integrity.

Our 24/6 customer support draws the biggest line between us and other clipping path companies. We solve any problem you face regarding our service.

Also, we have the biggest workforce at your service to deal with your bulk orders. We take delicate care of your needs and provide customized service for you.

You can ask for free image editing if you are a new client. After you get to know our caliber, you can decide whether to trust us with the service or not.

Our experts will also help you out with free consultations on your confusion and problems. The most interesting part is that you'll get free revisions after our project submission.

So, now you know why we are named the best clipping path service in the USA! We are all set to offer you the service. In 4 easy steps, you'll get your desired editing service within the deadline.

What would happen if I didn't edit photos?

Many things-that you do not want for your business ever(!) - can happen to your business without clipping path. Let me show you the scenarios one by one!

☛ Customers and clients are Lost to the Chaos

Your buyers and clients may lose interest in your offer after seeing your low-quality product photos.

If your photos and images lack the refinement deserved for their hard-earned money, your clients may have doubts about the quality of your product and services.

This is something we can help prevent.

Because of your professional-looking and high-quality photographs, you can persuade your website visitors to hire you with our Photoshop clipping path services.

☛ Sales are Lost

You'll miss out on a lot of purchases if the quality of your photos and images doesn't impress your customers.

You could also lose customers to your competitors, who prefer to use high-resolution photographs.

Invest in our professional image clipping services if you don't want to lose revenue due to badly edited or processed photographs.

You can get professionally edited photographs and images to use in your store when you work with us.

☛ Destroy the Image of Your Company

If used correctly and with the appropriate level of quality, stunning images and photos may be effective visual elements that assist explain what written text cannot.

Images can also be used to reinforce your content and brand identity.

Using low-resolution photographs and photos with poor editing, on the other hand, can harm your brand image in the first few seconds that your buyers notice them.

With the help of our skilled photo editors and clipping path specialists, make your customers remember your brand.

We can give you high-resolution photos to help you build your brand's reputation.

☛ Deadlines Missed on a Loop!

Refining your product shots, editing your portfolio photos, and more can be a time-consuming and complicated task if you don't have the necessary expertise and Photoshop capabilities.

The worst aspect is that you might miss deadlines, which could cost you thousands of dollars.

Do not worry! We have got you covered.

We can help you meet your deadlines by performing photoshop color correction, multiple clipping paths, image background removal, and other photo editing services.

☛ Spend a Hell Lot of Cash!

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a hand-drawn, high-quality Photoshop clipping path.

With our assistance, you can edit your images to a nauseating degree at a low expense.

You may acquire a wide choice of economical photoshop services for your image processing needs if you work with us.

So, now you know what it costs not to trust your clipping path deals with OverNight Graphics.

We are a leading clipping path service provider in the USA to provide you with the best service.



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