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Our image masking services help your business shine in the digital world with product images. For the last 2 decades, we are a very well-known image masking service provider in the world.
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Overnight Graphics

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OverNight Graphics has earned its name in the photo editing world for the utmost professionalism.

Our expert designers handle every image masking service so that you grow tension-free!

We provide quality and excellence for a competitive price in the USA landscape. Get your quality image masking today!

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Image Masking Services to Help You Grow

We believes in growing together!

Our 130+ in-house photoshop experts are dedicated to serving your images with a crisp edge within the shortest turnaround time.

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We deliver the best image masking services for small businesses as well as any established brand.


We are supportive of your eCommerce venture with the most affordable price.


We deliver within 24 hours to get your quality images anytime you need them. Just Order Now!


During the editing process, we support you from start to finish. Just let us know your queries.


Our professional image masking service has satisfied thousands of clients over years.

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Best Image Masking Service Provider for E-commerce

Any e-commerce business depends on its quality images on image masking. It helps the business to showcase images that appear flawless and real.

Image masking gives a picture of a product a nice look and that makes the customer eager to purchase. Almost every company and marketer wants the presentation to be interesting so that the product stays in the front row. Also, the image’s beauty can turn a visitor into a client.

That’s how we help your business grow! Our in-house experts will do hair masking, object masking, layer masking, background removal, or any photo editing service smoothly!

Our Top-Rated Image Masking Services

We have a diverse range of image masking services to fulfill your needs. Just provide us with your product images and be tension free!

Transparent Object Masking

Choosing the right pen tool does not guarantee accuracy when drawing clear objects like bottles, glasses, glass jars, lenses, and water.

When it comes to separating a transparent subject from the background, the transparent image masking approach is unmatched.

Then, it is used with object masking against a complementary backdrop. This picture masking solution maintains the color's authenticity while being non-destructive.


Translucent Object Masking

A transparent object is distinguishable from a translucent one by the degree of transparency and clarity it offers.

Objects that are translucent enable some light and some image creation to pass through.

With frosted glass, sunglasses, or tinted windows, we use translucent image masking to separate the subject from the background while still maintaining quality in your images.

Fur & Hair Masking

When the clipping path method isn't enough to improve an image with fur or hair, we use the image masking method.

Since fur and hair are smooth and have soft edges, we use masking tools to separate them from the rest of your image.

To sharpen the image, we also fixed the exposure problems, including the color, contrast, and brightness. This masking service gives the image a more natural look.


Refine Edge Masking

Refine edge is the best tool to use when you want to make a perfect selection, especially of things with soft, smooth edges.

But we use one of Photoshop's selection tools, like the Pen tool or Quick Selection tool, to make the first choice. Then, we make a layer mask, change that or adjust it, and then make the edge mask more precise.

The tool lets us show things in an image more naturally, like hair, fur, a blanket, a tree, etc.

Special Discount For
Bulk Image Masking Order!

If you are a professional photographer or an online brand with huge product images, we're here to help! Just upload your images and get your photo masking job done before time!

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Overnight Graphics

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Are Just a Click Away

No matter if you own a business in the USA or a world venture, we are the right partner for you!

We add shine to your images for over 20 years. Get your job done as smooth as a cheesecake!




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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide Free Trial for Image Masking Services?

Of course, we do! You can get 2 free clipped edge images before placing your order.

Do You Take Bulk Orders for Images?

Yes, we do. Feel free for your bulk order any day any time!

Do you provide a raster to vector service?

We do! For the hair on the photo or fur, we clip everything smoothly. That's not where it ends! You can feel the crispness of our raster to vector image editing even on a pen tablet.

Why Photoshop Image Masking Service is Important?

Masking is a well-known method for editing photos without making them worse.


With it, an editor can easily change an image to suit his tastes. Now that we've talked about some ways to hide, let's look at how these services can be useful.


Set up how people can see you in a Picture


Masking is the most common way to make a transition effect in a part of a photo. We do that using a selection tool choosing a soft brush or a gradient effect.


We also adjust the brightness contrast exposure. Getting this effect on your photos can be done in a few different ways, but masking is the easiest.


Making changes to a photo section


Photo editing to make images better is a common service to find.


When editing, you may need to change the color of a picture box. Using image masking in Photoshop, the box can be split into sections.


Using transparent object Masking to separate or add background


With the image masking technique, it's easy to separate a transparent item with an opacity of 0–5 percent.


It works especially well to keep glass, bottles, and water from touching other things. The same goes for things that are see-through.


Collage Masking


It's a great way to find images for collages. Using the image masking feature in Photoshop, you can add a number of effects to composite photos.


This process is possible with the help of a masking service.

When is image masking not a good idea?

Image masking is a great way to make selective changes to complicated objects. However, depending on what you're trying to do, it may not be the best or most useful tool to use.


Adjustment and fill layers are much easier to use than mask layers when you want to change the size of an image. With Photoshop you can change the color of one part of another.


Fill layers fill a space with a solid color. There are ways to make adjustments so that your image editing doesn't change the original image. You can make adjustments to more than one image at the same time.


Now, mask layering is the process to go when you want all of these things in one picture. But if the change is simple and the image only has one layer, you can use other tools to make the process quick and easy.

Transparent or Translucent, Which Masking is More Time-Consuming?

Image masking services have an interestingly diverse range. In the photoshop world of editing services, transparent and translucent masking are the delicate ones.


So obviously they both take time to photoshop the images. The case rests on the image quality to decide whether they are time-consuming or not.

What is Alpha Channel Masking?

Alpha channel masking is pixel-based masking that shows the shape of images instead of their colors. Because it is an 8-bit channel, it has 256 shades of gray. Every picture has at least three colors, such as red, green, and blue.

How Do Your Image masking Services Help My Business?

The E-commerce market is pretty big, and marketers post pictures of their products regularly.


So, everything that got the vibe of true attraction stays safe. If you don't, there is a big chance that you will be left behind.


So, image masking is a must if you want to change the background color, clip edges, or do color masking.


Any growing company uses an image masking service for clipping path, hair masking, layer masking, color masking, or background removal. This image editing job has a great impact on the turnaround time.


If the presentation isn't as good as the best one in the field, you can't be happy with it. Just check out the online marketplace in detail.


You will find a lot of products that look nice and will also catch your eye. So, just so it's clear, you'll try to do things that will give your product the same kind of presentable look.

What Importance Does Background Removal Holds in Photo Editing Services?

Having a background that is see-through will help you improve your business. To increase the value of a brand, you need a good photoshop masking.


Digital marketers can make strategic planning much easier with the help of a good image. Also, a photo with a clear background makes customers feel like they can trust you.


When people buy something, they want to know everything about it. Get rid of the background using photoshop image masking so you can see every detail in the photo.


So, you can make the pictures seem real. And don't forget that the photos represent your business. So, the most important thing you can do for your product photos is professional image editing.

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Image Masking

Our image masking services help your business shine in the digital world with product images. For the last 2 decades, we are a celebrated image masking service provider in the world.

Overnight Graphics

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