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OverNightGraphics is a leading shadow-making service provider worldwide. Get your photo editing services at the most affordable prices.

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Shadow making is one of the popular editing categories for images. Why do businesses go for the Shadow Making service in the first place? Images do not look appealing if there’s no touch of realism. Shadows are a huge help in bringing a touch of life to the picture.Then why not try and shoot the product with actual shadow? It is next to impossible to capture the real shadow during the photoshoot. Going for professional editing helps reduce the hassle and valuable time for your business. 

Overnight Graphics provides drop shadow, natural shadow, and reflection shadow with a legacy of 2 decades. Most of our clients own small to large e-commerce platforms or photography studios. No worries if you are a Single Person Army who needs help! We have had many individual clients who need this service.  Our Shadow Making experts understand how you want your platform to look like! Express your vision to us and leave the rest to our perfectionists! If you are worried about the service charges, take a sip and relax! You cannot find any other editing company that offers such reasonable packages!

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Get the Perfect Shadow Making Service for Small Businesses

Creating shadows that enhance the quality of product photos is crucial for ecommerce and small businesses. We can do anything you ask for- drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, retain original shadow, adding shadow, everything related to shadow making service is available with us.

Our photo editing service is dedicated to enhancing your product shadow in a way that increases sales. And our charges for photo editing services per image are so low, you don’t have to worry about budget.

Leading Photoshop Shadow Effect Services for Affordable Prices

Overnight Grafix is one of the leading online providers of shadow services. There is no reason not to believe ONG with product images, but there are a thousand reasons why you should. We place the same importance on your product shadow as you do.

We provide the quickest turnaround possible for post-production since we appreciate your time. Our delivery time is therefore as quick as 6 hours. Years of expertise in professional photo editing and color correction.


We have collaborated with numerous e-commerce sites and renowned companies. We ensure that they consistently generate high-quality product images.


There are no hidden fees or terms. Our services are reasonably priced, and you can determine the cost on your own.

Free trial

We provide a free trial so that you may evaluate the quality of our work before investing any money.

Our Best Shadow Making Service Satisfied Hundreds of Clients
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Basic Shadow Making

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Medium Shadow Making

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Complex Shadow Making

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Take Your Ecommerce a Step Ahead with Photoshop Shadow Making

Struggling with loads of product photos to show on your e-commerce platform? We understand you can’t do as you wish without professional photo editing or clipping path service. Be it ceramic products, shoes, handbags, or anything, and you need a Photoshop shadow effect.

We make sure our photo editing service takes your product photos to the heights of perfection. You get the delivery within the shortest time possible. No matter whether we perform photoshop shadow or clipping path to your product photos, you’ll never be dissatisfied with the service.

When Do You Need a Shadow Creation Service?

In most cases, our clients come from e-commerce businesses. They are the majority but not the only sector needing our help. To answer the question in concern, you’ll need shadow making service to make your images realistic.   Let’s consider some instances where shadow making service helps. Developing images for an advertisement campaign on print media needs an aesthetic touch. Playing with light and shadow is the simplest way to imbibe art. Our editing maestros are adept at creating that aesthetics. 

Photography is a fabulous form to gasp beautiful memories forever. And as a photographer, you cannot stop at shooting some raw images. You’ll need to create shadows If you cover personal and corporate events. Overnight Graphics helps you bring that realism professionally. People add to the cart any product that looks real enough to the eyes. The culture of shopping online demands products with proper shadow. So, if you have any such platforms, you’ll definitely need a shadow creation service. There are many more fields to mention other than the above three. The online culture today has made the service somewhat essential. So, if you are still in the consideration stage, please shake off your confusion and place the order. 

How to Get the Best Shadow Creation Service?

If you are reading the answer, your problem’s halfway solved! The manual answer is to type and search Shadow Making Service on Google. Then, pick up the best service page that you like. As you are already on Overnight Graphics, you can get done with the later part. Click on the Get A Quote menu to fill in the details. You can set your order urgency according to your requirements. And we offer 2 free trials for any new client. 

Diverse Photoshop Shadow Creation Service for Your Business

Understanding your needs and preferences, we offer several types of shadow-making services. Let’s discuss them in detail-

Natural Shadow Services

Everything we can touch, see, or feel has a shadow. The same goes when photographers take product photos. What we can see is the raw shadow. It's hard to enhance and retain a natural shadow in a realistic way. When designers take away the background from an image, they also lose the natural shadow.

That's what we solve. Editors use the clipping path to select the natural shadow. After removing the background, they add the natural shadow effect to keep the natural look.

Shadow Simple Before
Shadow Simple After
shadow medium before

Drop Shadow Services

As the name suggests, drop shadows are put at the bottom of an object to make the field depth look better. Drop shadow is a popular service for adding a shadow effect at the bottom to the product photos in Photoshop.

To impress customers, online stores need credible images of their products that look great. With Photoshop's drop shadow effect, you can make product images look more trustworthy to a customer. Customers will feel like they are seeing a real product and will buy it because of the quality drop shadow effect.

Original Shadow Service

There are a number of reasons why shadows might be difficult to control and use in images. Bad lighting conditions, sloppy background choices, shoddy camera settings, etc. are some such reasons.

We understand what shadow may add to your product image. That's why our shadow-making service retains the original shadow. Our photoshop experts use their years of knowledge to edit images to the highest standard and guarantee perfection.


Reflection Shadow Service

The greatest products for the reflection shadow effect are too many to count. Basic e-commerce hits are jewelry, showpieces, plastic bottles, sunglasses, ceramics, etc. Medical devices and electronic equipment such as TVs, smartphones, and ovens also need a mirror effect to be sold on e-commerce platforms.

The goods appear to be reflected in a mirror-like surface thanks to the photoshop reflection effect. Visibility, vulnerability, and existence are all proven by a reflection shadow. In order to generate a shadow, you can utilize a reflecting surface, but once the background is erased, the shadow will be lost.

Special Discount for Bulk Shadow Making Service

We understand your concern about shadow-making expenditure. So, we have a special discount offer for you if you place a bulk shadow service.

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Best shadow masking

OverNightGraphics Your Quality Shadow Making Service Provider

With more than 120 in-house photoshop shadow service experts, we are the best name you get to hear for photo editing and clipping path. We provide drop shadow, reflection shadow, color correction, clipping path, floating shadow, and many things using photoshop.

We provide quality shadow services and retain original shadow to your product images. Let us know what you need any day, any time! You’ll also get super-fast turnaround time and smooth customer support.




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Frequently Asked Questions

We face many common questions regarding this topic. In this section, you will get answers to some of the questions.

How does a Shadow Making Service work?

The process involves skilled graphic designers manually creating shadows or reflections for images. They use various techniques and software tools to add or enhance shadows, adjust lighting, and create a sense of realism. This can involve adding drop shadows, natural reflections, or even complex effects to make objects appear grounded and three-dimensional.

Why would I need a Shadow Making Service?

If you want your product images to stand out, look more professional, and have a polished appearance, a Shadow Making Service can be extremely beneficial. Shadows add depth and realism to images, making them more visually appealing and helping customers to better visualize the product.

Is Your Shadow Making Price Budget Friendly?

Yes, it is! We offer the most budget friendly price for editing your photos.

Please tell me if you can guarantee the safety and security of my images?

To us, your images are of the utmost importance. The images you send us will be safe and secure. Because we help hundreds of people every day with their images, you can completely rely on us.

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Shadow Making Service

OverNightGraphics is a leading shadow-making service provider worldwide. Get your photo editing services at the most affordable prices.

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