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Our invisible ghost mannequin services are world-class. We help you to enhance your sales with visible 3D effects. OverNight Graphics is the name of excellence in the photo editing service industry.

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What is Ghost Mannequin Services?

Ghost Mannequin photo editing services focus on creating 3D effects on clothes without spending on models. This photo editing is hugely popular in the fashion and e-commerce industries. Mannequin product image enhancement is all about a lucrative illusion. Your products appear with a proper visual representation of size and fittings. This editing method suits the consumer’s taste in a time when we are moving towards virtual reality.

Let’s understand how invisible ghost mannequin photography works. It takes deep attention to the details, even during the shooting part. The photographer divides the product into small sections. They click several images of the dress from all sides. Then, smaller details like labels, stitching, and included tags are taken care of. 

In the second stage, an expert ghost mannequin service provider removes all traces of the mannequin. Eventually, an attractive 3D image comes out after the collaboration. Online buyers love to check the fit and details before making the purchase. What are the other reasons to go for a ghost mannequin image editing service? This effect adds a professional touch to your virtual store. The ghost Mannequin effect helps If you work towards a strong brand identity. 

How are ghost mannequin product image enhancement services accomplished? Well, editing professionals use reliable software. They take in all the images to come up with a seamless composition. With no traces of the mannequin, the dress gets all the attention it deserves.Ghost Mannequin effects are not limited to any singular media. Print media and catalogs also go for it, besides online platforms. It saves the hassle of hiring models to carry the dress. Apparel industries are very appreciative of this service.

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Leading Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

Ghost mannequin service refers to the removal of a mannequin from a product image. This is done while image editing in post-production.

This will remove the mannequin or model and makes the clothing look to be worn by someone. One of the most popular effects that may be used in fashion photography is the invisible mannequin.

For over 20 years, OverNight Graphics has provided an invisible mannequin service. The quality of our service has pleased a large number of customers.

The ghost mannequin service is one of the most popular services we provide on a daily basis. Our excellent photo editing services are dedicated to meeting your requirements.

Top Ghost Mannequin Effect

Partner with the Dedicated Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

As a ghost mannequin photo editing company, we are known for our expertise in removing the mannequin images.

Our special features include on-time delivery, competitive pricing, emergency help, safety, and file security which are available to each of our invisible mannequin service customers.

Fast Turnaround

Our 24/7 operation helps you to get your quality mannequin service anytime you need it.

Affordable Price

We're caring of your e-commerce & photography ventures with our most affordable pricing.

Best Ghost Mannequin

We deliver the best quality ghost mannequin service for small to big businesses.

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Terrific Impact of Ghost Mannequin Services In The Online Clothing Industry

The online clothing industry is changing, and client preferences are shifting as well. Because style matters in the garment industry, and fashion evolves over time. The invisible ghost mannequin flawlessly complements the consumer’s taste to work with the latest trends and technologies in the garment industry.

The invisible mannequin clipping improves the viewing experience for clients by eliminating the dummy from the image and replacing it with a futuristic style. To provide the best ghost mannequin retouching, our skilled image editing pros operate with honesty and respect.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service

The main thing behind the popularity that ghost mannequin services enjoy is relevance. You’ve already got an idea of how this effect matches the public choice. Advertisers love this amazing service for their campaigns. Please read the following to know what benefits they really enjoy! 

Affordable for Business

The first thing ghost mannequin service helps with is cost cutting. You get to skip the part where models are out of schedule or budget. You are all set with just a few mannequins on a one-time purchase! You already have your product types, so buying the mannequins shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Unique Brand Messaging

Every apparel business has fixed sizes. And according to logic, you have a consistent brand representation as your vision. You’ll definitely experience changes in the body type going for human models. Replace the model with a fixed mannequin, and you’ll have a cohesive look. No worries about the expected expressions and perfect body types.  

Products Steal the Show!

Models often steal the highlights in traditional photoshoots. This distraction is better to avoid for any e-commerce platform. Buyers come here with a high intention to purchase. Invisible ghost mannequin photography lets your product be the showstopper. And any visitor can imagine themselves in the dress and decide to buy. 

Saves Valuable Time! 

You’ll save a substantial amount of time as a business owner. Traditional photoshoots take up so much time in preparation, the actual photoshoot, and post-production. Sometimes, many personal issues make the whole process lengthy. Mannequins, on the other hand, are easy to set up for shoots and get the job done!

Supports Business Growth

Ghost mannequin photo editing services are perfect for tight-budget businesses. We can go forward with your business plan utilizing some basic materials. Making small e-commerce businesses scalable is one significant positive aspect of the ghost mannequin effect. You can bring the desired upgrades as your business grows.

Post-Production Made Smooth! 

Post-production becomes super flexible with mannequins. Making alterations is easier as they get eliminated from the picture. Trust the editing professionals to colour-correct, change the fitting, or remove labels. 

Leave Behind the Competitors 

You might wonder how ghost mannequin photo editing services provide a competitive edge. This saves you valuable time to focus on your business plan. Also, you get to be consistent with your marketing. These two advantages can change the game for any business. 

So don’t waste your time anymore and start using the Ghost Mannequin effect on your products. Overnight graphics is your best partner in the journey.  

Why Overnight Graphics For Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service?

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Overnight Graphics is a trusted industry leader with over 20+ years of experience in the field. We have established ourselves as experts in delivering exceptional ghost mannequin solutions. Throughout two decades-we have established a track record of success. Our team at Overnight Graphics possesses deep expertise in providing top-quality ghost mannequin services. We have sharpened our techniques to ensure the desired results.

Our team of dedicated experts can handle projects of any scale. We have over 120 graphic designers committed to delivering outstanding work. Every project they’ve managed has always exceeded clients’ expectations. Our other specialty is making sure of timely delivery. We have a 24/7 working model to help you in any time zone! You can forget your worries about meeting deadlines.      

Our first commitment is always to prioritize your business’s confidentiality. We ensure that it should keep your data safe at all costs. Our strong nondisclosure policy will keep your business image safe. Overnight Graphics has built a reputation for trust and reliability. Our long-term ties with our clients show how much we care about doing great work and giving our customers a good experience.

We always go for industry-standard software to deliver stunning ghost mannequin effects. Our team always keeps themselves up to date with the industry trends. So, the final products you get are always relevant and trendy. Adding to the quality, we always charge competitive charges. You’ll always find our services affordable, even if you are only starting up with your business!We offer a wide variety of image editing solutions besides the ghost mannequin effect. We are the perfect partner if you are looking for world-class editing. Our 85% client retention rate proves our professionalism and expertise. 

How Do We Do Ghost Mannequin Service?

The ghost mannequin process has several steps for the next level. To make our pictures look great we use simple editing techniques like clipping paths, background removal, retouching, image masking, shadow masking, resizing, raster to vector, and 3D modelling.

At Overnight Graphics, we are experts at making high-quality ghost mannequins to help you show off your clothes in the best way. Our skilled team of professionals follows a careful process to make sure that the ghost mannequin effects are smooth and look real. Here’s a rundown of the eight most important steps we take to get great results:

  • Clothing Preparation.
  • Mannequin placement.
  • Front and Back Photo Capture.
  • Neckline and Inner Structure shot.
  • Invisible mannequin removal.
  • Image Editing and Retouching.
  • Seamless Background Integration.
  • Quality Check and Delivery.

Which Product Requires Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effects?

  • All jewelry
  • Cosmetics
  • T-Shirt
  • Cap
  • Pant
  • Trouser
  • Lingerie
  • Women Dresses
  • Shoes
  • Party Wear
  • Skirt
  • Coat
  • Jacket
  • Sweater
  • Belt
  • Swimsuit

Who Should Use Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services?

Ghost Mannequin__Before
Ghost Mannequin__After

If you own a clothing business, hiring models may be an expensive thing to do. You have no choice but to use dummies instead of real people to show off the products in this case. But if you need a way to change photos after they’ve been taken, your product photos might look flat. You’ll need to hire an invisible mannequin service to make a ghost mannequin look how you want it to.

Other companies offer invisible mannequin services. But the USA photo editor stands out because of the high quality picture repair services and the low prices it charges. It is recommended that a photo editor in the United States change product photos with neck joint effects. We promise to be the best service for invisible mannequins, giving product photos the amazing look of a ghost mannequin 24/7. Our customer care staff and experts are ready to assist you. The following categories determine our pricing for photo restoration: 

  • Proprietors of clothes stores that also have an online presence.
  • Individuals who own their online stores.
  • Firms that deal in the sale of clothing or collaborate with advertising agencies.
  • It is necessary to contract out the work when there is a great deal of it to be done, as is the case with professional photographers and photo businesses.

There are some questionable businesses out there that provide photo editing services. Only work with the best image editing companies if you want good results when editing pictures of ghost mannequins. If you want to know more, please get in touch with us.

We Offer Top Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

We offer a wide range of services related to ghost mannequin photo editing. Anything and everything relating to the invisible mannequin service can be expected. We’re here to make your turnaround time outstanding.

Neck Joint Service

After the mannequins has been disassembled, a neck joint service will reassemble the rear neck (which bears the brand tag).

To modify, the back section of the subject must be added to the image independently from what is on the front of the mannequin or model.

As part of our invisible mannequin photoshop, our photoshop professionals perform neck joint treatment, ensuring the best possible results.


Back Joint Service

Obviously, the back of the dress will be covered behind the mannequin when photographed using a mannequin. As a result, adding the portion of the garment that is covered by the mannequin is necessary in order to display its back when removing the mannequin.

The bottom joint refers to the part of the garment that may be seen when it is not being held by a mannequin at the hips. Thousands of customers may attest to the fact that we have been doing this for a long time.

Sleeves Joint Service

When it comes to mannequin services, sleeves are a vital aspect. This ghost mannequin effect adds it by copying it from another.

Sleeves can be seen in certain shots, however, the location is off. This service fixes sleeves in this scenario.

If you want it to look authentic, you'll need the help of professional image editing services. Feel free to leave the work in our capable hands.


360° Ghost Mannequin Effect

A product is more likely to be purchased by a customer if the product's appearance appeals to them.

The ghost mannequin services in 360° pack shots provide an enticing image editing impression for buyers.

We have the ability to handle both the static and dynamic aspects of a product's picture. As a result, this effect can be better seen.

Ghost Mannequin For Ecommerce

Ecommerce image editing services have been OverNight Graphics's bread and butter since the company was founded in 2006.

We've put together one of the most talented groups of background removal experts who edit with a unique style.

No matter what product images you send us, you can trust that they will be handled by the most competent and professional in their work.

We deliver in the shortest possible time for a transparent and reasonable price policy.


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We understand your worries about ghost mannequin service costs. So, we have a very special discount offer if you place a bulk Ghost Mannequin Service order.
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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service allow to merge photos to truncate the mannequin in the trial of post-production. Overnightgraphics provides 3d, invisible and hollow mannequin services.

Overnight Graphics

Understanding Ghost Mannequin Effect

Mannequins are used by photographers to create two- and three-dimensional images of various garments.

Mannequin images, however, can’t be used in online e-commerce product stores without additional retouching. To remove the mannequin from these garments, the designers use a variety of photoshop techniques.

The mannequins are easily removed in this way, and that is known as the ghost mannequin technique.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What program do you use to create the Ghost Mannequin effect?

To create a ghost mannequin effect, we use Adobe Photoshop. But, whatever method we use, we make certain that the work is flawless and of top quality. For example, while performing the image retouching, we use the pen tool rather than the quick selection tool.

What is the product image editing limit with the free trial?

You can obtain at least 2 images to evaluate the quality of our service. You can always check the quality and the level of professionalism first, then take your call.

How soon will I receive my image retouching order?

In most cases, you will receive your photographs back within four hours of submitting them. This time may vary slightly to next-day delivery for large or bulk orders. If you have any questions about your specific order, please contact us – we'll help you through the journey!