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Best Logo Design Service in the USA

OverNightGraphics is a leading logo design company for professional logo design in the USA and worldwide. Get your custom logo at the most affordable prices. Our creative logo designers help you build your brand identity.

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logo design
logo design

Get Custom Logo Designing Services for Branding

A Creative logo enhances the brand identity of any business. Logo concepts are deeply connected to branding strategy. Our creative designers provide you with a unique logo design in the USA or worldwide.

You’ll get 100% ownership rights of your custom logo. We believe every logo designed for our clients is the property of their respective websites. Get your affordable logo with unlimited revisions. Give your brand unique logo designs and grow fast!

Best Custom Logo

Professional Logo Design Service for Affordable Prices in the USA

OverNightGraphics is a leading logo design company for professional logo design in the USA. There is no reason not to believe ONG with custom logo designs, but there are a thousand reasons why you should. We have more than 130+ professional logo designers working for three shifts within 24 hours.


We are a professional logo design agency that has worked for numerous websites and any renowned brand. We ensure 24/7 customer support to ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers.


We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our custom logo designs. There are no hidden fees or terms. Our services are reasonably priced, and you can determine the cost on your own.

Unlimited Revisions

We provide unlimited revisions for free so that you get that one special logo to convey your brand message perfectly.

Turnaround Time

We work round the clock to deliver your company logo within 24 hours. Based on your logo design concepts it might take up to 72 hours.

Our Custom Logo Design Services has Satisfied Hundreds of Clients in the USA
basic logo design

Basic Logo Design

moderate logo design

Moderate Logo Design

premium logo design

Premium Logo Design

Unlimited Revisions

Enjoy Best Logo Design Services for Unique Website Branding

OverNightGraphics’s professional team of logo designers is particularly expert in custom logo designs. Our highly creative logo designers understand the value of brand identities and the impact of the brand logo on the target audience.

We deliver professional logo designing services treating your concerns as our own. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee as we offer unlimited revisions for free!

Our Versatile Logo Designing Services in the USA

We understand your logo designing requirements vary in a diverse range! Depending on the logo concept and design difficulty, we have sorted our logo designing service into 5 categories.

Iconic Logo Design

Your brand deserves a logo that makes a commitment to laying a solid foundation in your specialized market. We are skilled in creating iconic logos that represent your brand and inherently compel your viewers to learn more about it.

You can also ask for a free icon logo for the first trial.

logo design
logo design

Illustrative Logo Design

Illustrative logo design attracts a massive number of customers to your company. They make your website stand out in your niche since they are vibrant, distinctive, and dynamic. For your brand, our talented illustrators will create a gorgeous custom logo.

We have top logo designs made by our professional designers with unlimited revision.

Typography Logo Design

Your brand's visual identity is enhanced with a typography logo. We use the most up-to-date technology and techniques to create eye-catching typographic logos that are easy for your audience to relate to.

We are a award-winning logo design company to serve you in the USA and worldwide.

logo design
logo design

Mascot Logo

Brands that like to have fun do need a logo design that shows who they are and what they stand for. We have a team of professional logo designers who know how to make the best mascot logos that show off your company's culture to the fullest.

Special Discount for Bulk Logo Designs

We understand your concern about logo designing expenses. We have a special discount offer for bulk logo design and a unique design guarantee! It is applicable for any business in the USA and worldwide.

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About Us

OverNightGraphics Your Quality Logo Design Agency

We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing you with custom logo design. Release your business branding responsibility down to us and enjoy the money-back guarantee. We have the most affordable and market-competitive rates for designing services and our packages offer the best value for your money. With extensive experience in design service, we craft highly appealing logos that reflect the vision of a brand to its customers.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualities to Look for in a logo Designing Company?

We help you out at every stage of your logo designing service. I've prepared a list of what qualities you should definitely search for in a logo designing company.


  1. Experience:

Logo design is an art form that can take a long time to master. You should definitely look for a design agency that has a huge experience in logo designing. But there is an interesting fact about unique design. Trends and logo concepts are always changing. A company that claims to serve the best logo design services, must have a balance between uniqueness and experience.

Just to keep you updated, we have over 2 decades of exp[erience in logo design services.


  1. Design Skills:

It is design skill that ultimately matters for a brand logo design. People say logo design is an art form that takes great skills!

Now the question is, how to check on creative design skills? The answer is quite simple actually. Give them a logo concept and ask for a free trial. You'll easily get to know if they can help you with custom logo design.

Just to let you know, OverNightGraphics strives to get 100% satisfaction from our customers. You can ask for a test design from us and you'll get to know our skills. There is also a unique design guarantee.


  1. Their Portfolio:

Portfolios are proof for any design agency that they are capable to deliver your order. Look for the design solutions they have provided on their website. The brand they have served is also worth checking.

Creative logos published on the website are the property of the respective company. You can easily check our portfolio for previous samples. Our team of logo designers works with diverse logo concepts.


  1. Their Prices:

Depending on what quality logo design you want prices may vary. Make sure you decide on the logo design style first, then look at their prices. Another thing is, charges might get high if you want a unique design guarantee. Make sure you get 100% ownership rights in that case.

If you are not willing to spend much money, then go for a logo design agency that can offer logos for affordable prices. Logo designers who charge too little for logo design work or logo designs of very low quality are not worth your time and money.

OverNightGraphics is all set to deliver you with custom logo design. We also have a money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions.


  1. Their Availability:

Turnaround time is very crucial for your business growth. Any logo designing service is defined by its capacity to deliver. Here is a sketch of the usual turnaround time in the landscape

  • If you have a simple logo design requirement- it should take 24 hours
  • If you have a medium logo design requirement- it should take 48 hours
  • If you have a semi-medium logo design requirement- it should take 72 hours
  • For complex logo design requirements- it should take 7 days maximum.

Make sure that the logo design company can complete your design project within a suitable time frame. This is because depending on how skilled they are, it may take several weeks for them to complete your logo designs. So if you cannot wait a few weeks, then it may not be worth hiring them.

Our fastest delivery for complex logo design services is within 72 hours. It will definitely depend on the difficulty of the project. But that's the minimum time we take for custom logo design.

Why Should I Get Logo Designing Services from OverNightGraphics?

OverNightGraphics comprehends your requirements and checks your competition using our techniques. We give the most value for your money with our packages and the most inexpensive pricing on the market for designing a company logo. We create logos for social media channels and any website that convey a brand's mission to its customers.

And do not forget about our 100% money-back guarantee! We are experienced in expanding your reach and making your business stand out in the targeted industry while keeping costs down. And that is what helps you in perfect branding.

Do you really have money-back guarantee?

Yes, it's true! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on logo design contests. The logos shouldn't be in the final round or have a guaranteed prize for the designer. You can contact our customer support team to help you renew your logo design brief. They will help you choose a winning design, or reopen your design project to make sure you get a great design.

Remember that you can't legally use any of the company logo designs that were submitted to your contest after we've given you your money back.

Can I get the copyright for the logo I made for my business? If so, then when?

You'll get 100% ownership rights on logo designing services. Every logo designer on ONG agrees to only upload the original logo design. So, until you announce the winner of your contest, the designers keep all rights to the designs they submit. Then, in the last step of the logo contest, called "handover," the winner decides to give you the rights to the logo. You'll get 100% ownership once the transfer is done.

logo design


Logo Design

OverNightGraphics is a leading logo design company for professional logo design in the USA and worldwide. Get your custom logo at the most affordable prices. Our creative logo designers help you build your brand identity.

Overnight Graphics

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