Packaging Design Ideas: Customers to Give It a Second Glance

Packaging design is an essential part of marketing strategy for any business, no matter how small or big they are. A special packaging design helps you connect with customers, give them a sense of value, convey your product information, and raise awareness of your business as a whole.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize how consumer behavior and product packaging are connected. You feel good when the box looks nice. It makes you feel like you’re getting a valuable gift. Because of this, every business owner should use the strategy of good packaging design to make sure that customers are happy not only with the quality of the products but also with the company experience as a whole.

In this article, we will learn many aspects, and benefits of impressive packaging design ideas and how they influence the audience.

6 Best Creative Packaging Design Ideas

People love packaging that is both simple and creative these days. The colors and decorations on the packaging can show the uniqueness of it. Here are some cool ideas for packaging designs that you can think about for your product:


Minimal Design

Keeping things simple is a good idea in terms of packaging design. Minimalism means keeping only the most important parts of a design. When you want a more sophisticated or classy design, you remove some of the extra stuff, making it simpler. It makes your product look cleaner. 

For example, cosmetic or personal hygiene products come with minimal visual elements and sophisticated appearance.

Area Specific

Area-Specific Design

Using particular drawings that connect with people in the area where you sell products is a great idea. Such drawings that show something about the local history or culture can catch people’s eyes. People like it when the design on a package is related to where they live. These drawings can be about a place’s history, special arts, or even stories about how the product was made. This kind of art can make your product stand out and be different from others. For example, some years ago Coca Cola launched the Share a Coke advertising campaign across India in 11 regional languages. 

Natural packaging

Natural Design

Colors that look good with a nice design are natural and neutral ones. These colors make the packaging look very authentic and friendly. These tones make customers feel comfortable and positive about the product. Such tones are suitable for things like medicine or products made from natural stuff. Organic soaps or herbal teas often use earthy colors. It conveys a sense of purity and goodness.

Vintage Designs

Making a package look old-fashioned is a way to get people’s attention. Everything in the design, including colors, layout and even the box, can have an antique look. Although this type of design is often used for food and drinks, any product can use this kind of design. It makes your product look real and classic. Using old-style fonts, elements, and colors give it a look like the product is from a long time ago, even if it’s new.

Gradient packaging design

Gradient Design

In the past, companies often used gradients or colors that blend together for their packaging. Though these days designers mostly use flat and simple colors, gradients are coming back with the minimal designs. They add brightness and make your audience, especially the children feel excited. 

bold packaging design

Bold Design

Having big and clear letters on a package is important if you want your customer to quickly recognize your brand. Using big and modern letters makes it easy for people to see the product name. Future design trends are likely to use more bold and large letters. However, do not choose fonts that are hard to read. If the design is good but the font is not, people might not notice the product as much.

packaging design

Does Packaging Designs Really Influence Consumer’s Behavior?

As we discussed many trending packaging design types, now the question arises: do they really matter? What about you just design a packaging for covering the product instead of impressing your audience. That’s ridiculous at this age of strategic marketing.

Let’s see why packaging design matters and how it influence your audience:

Impacts Consumer Perception

The design on your product’s cover makes a big difference in what people think about it, even before they see the actual thing. People can really want your product just by how it looks from the outside. 

In today’s world, where everyone appreciates things that look appealing, having an attractive design on your package can greatly influence your customers in a positive way.

However, relevance is crucial. Your package’s design should tell people about your product and brand. If the design is good but doesn’t provide insight into the product, customers might have trust issues with your brand.

Creates a Connection With Brand

These days, customers pay close attention to brands and what they believe in. They like to buy things from brands they know, and agree with. The design on your package helps a lot in how much people like and understand your brand. You can share more about your brand and give people a reason to like your product. 

When you use your packaging, you can talk to people and make them feel closer to your brand. It’s a good chance to talk about new things you have, so make the most of it!

Increases Positive Customer Experience

Customers value the overall experience, not only the product itself. Packaging design allows you to create the experience with more control and ensure that customers are surprised and delighted each time they open your product. Custom packaging allows you to express your brand and create a connection with the customer from the beginning.

Think about what you want customers to feel when they see your packaging and when they are opening the product. Use that as part of the packaging design process to create something extraordinary and unique to your brand. This will help you craft a more meaningful experience for your customers.

Creates Social Media Craze

Nowadays, lots of people tend to share pictures and videos on social media of things they buy. Businesses and brands can make their products look really appealing with special packaging. When customers see a product with cool and attractive packaging, they feel happy and proud to show it to others. For example, if a small business sells cute handmade soaps and puts them in a beautiful, colorful box with a ribbon, customers might take pictures and share them online. This makes more people interested in the product, and they might also want to try them. So, using special packaging can make customers excited to share their purchases with friends on social media platforms.

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Final Thoughts

It’s said that people decide how they feel about what they see in about 50 milliseconds. Big companies and famous brands have been using this idea for a long time. They attempt to make people think and feel a certain way when they see their products. If new businesses don’t use these tricks, they might not catch the attention of the people and lose in the competition of making customers feel interested.

So, if you want people to like your product, you need to make sure it looks nice from the outside and interesting right from the start. This way, more people will notice it, like it, and maybe even buy it!